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How to mix - 2019 Calendar for Thermomix

Thermi Servebowl Bundle

2019 Calendar

This calendar is fantastic! I love the thorough explanation of all the recipes and the photos are amazing. Thank you for making something that is usually so mundane and a bit boring, totally fun to look at and use all the time!

Love it, makes moving Thermomix soooooooo
easy. Thank you Sophia

Perfect mini cakes - just slipped out of the mini loaf pan!

If you're always a bit nervous about using a new cake tin for the first time, because you just never know how well the "non stick" bit works ... well, don't be. I made mini versions of my Anjou pear cake and they came out beautifully, with just a bit of greasing and ZERO baking paper. Would definitely recommend!

Recipes in a convenient version

I love cookbooks, especially these but I long ago ran out of space to have paper copies. So paperback and hard bound books get stored away. Out of sight, out of mind and forgotten. Having e-books on my smart phone and tablet makes the recipes I love accessible and more frequently used. Great to have the option of an e-book. Wish your latest was available to buy as an e-book.

Gorgeous gifts

I love this little gem packed with delicious ideas to share the gift of cooking or savour for yourself!!

Book Bundle

Book Bundle

Love your recipes

Hi Sophia,
Was very happy to receive my recipe’s teatime... I love it and so do my two daughters and two daughter-in-laws.
Melbourne cup day I made the Raspberry creme genoise. It was a big hit and soo delicious!!!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes. I also love making all the different bread recipes.
Keep up the great work!!

Spatula for Thermomix Pink

Absolutely love it! Easy to use

Fantastic - This is the Best Companion for my Thermi

I received my Ergoslide in the post 1 day after purchase, Fantastic service.
The Ergoslide has made cooking with my Thermi even easier, yay no more lifting.
I would recommend the Ergoslide to anyone thinking about it, just do it you will not regret it!!!
Love, Love, Love it

Love my cake tin liners

I love the cake tin liners, such a great idea and saving me time, money and the environment.

How to mix calendar 2019

Lovely calendar, looking forward to trying out the tips as a challenge each month. We use a kitchen wall calendar to track family events etc so this one is not big enough for that and needs boxes around the dates for clarity, but will definitely hang it on the wall and enjoy the information and pictures.

Beautiful Teatime!!

Thankyou so much Sophia for putting out another of your Thermo cookbooks.
“It’s Teatime” beautiful recipes. Yum!!
Love the recipes & the pics are so colorful. My kitchen is my happy place for baking & my Thermo just love it, simple easy steps to follow.

Thermi Ergoslide Ocean Pearl

I love the Ergoslide and will get another one, then both of my Thermies will be happy :-)


I am loving this book. I’ve tried two recipes so far and they have both been big successes. Two new family favourites. Look forward to trying them all!

Amazing Book

Hello Sophia, you are Amazing I have a few of your books and have been following u from day one.
Being a consultant for Thermomix in Cyprus and Oman you are one of the Blogs I recommend to my clients cause I know they will learn a lot from you when it comes to baking.
Keep up the good work and thank you for always inspiring me and my Clients.

Steamer Teflon Paper

Excellent quality, reusable and makes life easy when cooking as cuts down preparation time.


Absolutely love it! Makes the bench look neater and moving the thermie around on the bench much easier. Does everything they said.


How lucky we are to have Sophia
Your new book steaming has given me my mojo back to experience Varoma cooking its stunning

Christmas Baking Class London 3rd Nov 1.30pm
A Christmas baking treat.

I went to the Christmas baking demonstration on 3rd December and was shown how to make, and then tasted, some amazing and very tasty German Christmas treats, which I believe (hope) will be in Sofia’s new Christmas book.
What I liked about the class is Sofia’s broad knowledge of baking and ingredients, the process of baking, and that she is so approachable, you can’t ask too many questions.
This was my second class with Sofia. The first one was the Sourdough course which was excellent.
And, everyone got a very nice goody bag too!

Spatula green

This is the best spatula I have purchased. It removes everything from the bowl. It’s great. Highly recommended.

Best ever spatula

Great quality product that does the job well- just the right pliability yet strong enough to withstand being marked by the sharp blades.