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Amazing quality product

I’ve used one other Cook Key sticker too and it’s really cool and brightens up my Thermomix®

Happy with my Hoodie !!

The hoodie is just the thing to keep my Thermomix protected and clean whilst sitting on the work too!!
Thank you Sophia :-)
Mel from Cyprus

Ergoslide light grey

Well made and modern. Good price. Good product invetion .

Sourdough Bread Bundle

I decided to start baking breads this year and this bread bundle has been amazing!


Hi Sophia, I love your videos and I bought the bundle of your collection...I haven’t yet tried the recipes but I certainly will...I am trying to find the vanilla bean paste and so far I didn’t get it...Could you please tell me where to find it?? Thank you..


Muffin Mould

Perfect! Can be used for so many things

Real Bread Book - Recipes for Thermomix


I absolutely love the bundle books. I decided to buy them after trying a couple of her recipes on YouTube and don’t regret it. Can’t wait to keep trying new recipes on my Thermomix!

Thermi Servebowl Bundle

I bought these last week, as I have found I need to keep food warm before continuing with a recipe. They are absolutely fabulous, do a great job and look good too. Well worth the money!

Great outcome for ciabatta

Love the book, would have like a basic white sourdough loaf recipe though...

lovely hoodie

De hoodie is erg mooi en kwaliteitsvol

Thermomix Glide x2

I've recently purchased two of these in good faith.
One in the sale (tapioca Pearl thingy colour) and one a cheaper white and wood in a 'Skandi style'.
Having had the benefit of having them both in my home I now realise I need to invest in a complete white one to fit in with my kitchen, which I will be doing, as I think these things are brilliant pieces of Thermie Kit.
Many apologies Sophie, for any convenience caused whilst I made up my mind - but it is such a considered purchase. xxx

Thermi Ergoslide Light - Wood
Light wood ergo slide

I love it that the product arrived in record time and in good condition. I bought it for its reasonable price, I thought the rest of the slides were slightly more expensive. It’s great to use but would have liked the sides lacquered as well in case water gets in and warps the wood. Not sure if it’s waterproof and hardy like the non-wood ones. But overall, it’s a wonderful product. Am looking forward to buying a second one for my other Thermie.

Thermomix hoodie

Received my cat cute...and fast too! Will definitely be buying more items in the future from Sophia

Bob, my favourite dog hoodie cover!

Bob has pride of place in my kitchen and catches everyone's attention now. The hoodie fits perfectly and looks so cute! I love it.

Thermo hoodie

Love the design and the concept. If I’m entirely honest I think the fabrics could be much better quality , I’m not convinced of it’s longevity and durability.

Thank you for your feedback and we are so glad that you love the design of the hoodies. The hoodies are handmade in very small quantities and we made sure we sourced the best felt and vegan leather we could. We have been testing the materials for over a year and they have held up in our tests. If you have any issues with durability in the future, please get in touch with our support team and we will gladly help.
😍 love it

Love my new cover

Thermi Hoodie

Well made and fun but very pricey for what it is and my spoons just fall over when I put them in the pocket

Thank you so much for your feedback and we're glad you think they are well made and fun. The hoodies are handmade in small quantities so we are working to get the price down as much as we can but this is the best we could achieve without resorting to mass production and loosing the charm :D We have also taken onboard the feedback about the pockets, we initially designed the hoodie to look stylish and the pockets were a secondary function. However, we will definitely take your feedback forward for future versions. In the mean time, may we suggest only storing smaller accessories such as cook keys in the pockets for now and we will do some thinking on our end :)
At last...

At last a very comprehensive book about bread baking using sourdough and thermomix.For me personally very usefull...

The pictures makes it easier to visualize how the end should look.


Excellent service - delivered super quick - love the tapioca pearl colour, really easy to move the Thermi with the ergoslide - don’t know how I managed without it.

Cute hoodie but pockets need to be better designed

I like the hoodie a lot, but sadly the pockets are a bit useless. Things slide around in them too easily and it pulls the hoodie out of shape. It's a shame as the overall style of the hoodie is cute.

Thank you so much for your feedback and we're glad you find the hoodie cute :D We will definitely take this onboard for future versions. In the mean time, perhaps it would be better to store s smaller accessories in the pockets and we will do some thinking on our end.
Thermi Ergoslide Light - Wood
Thermi Ergo glide light

Just what I need for my new thermomix, good price at sale and wooden board fits with my kitchen

Great product

Makes life so much easier to move the TM’s about,
I bought 2 for both machines as I am so pleased with it.