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fantastic :-) I have made a couple things for xmas yum yum

Beautiful photos!

I was lucky to be gifted a Thermomix at Christmas and straight away ordered a number of Sophia’s books. They are beautifully presented and have a range of recipes. I can’t wait to start baking!

Great product

Works so well as it saves the feet of the thermomix, hence protecting the scales. Great invention.

Spatula for Thermomix Pink

What an idea

The cake liner is so awesome! So easy and better for the environment. As I am always running out of baking paper, the liner ensures I have no excuse not to bake


Tbh, I was eyeing a thermislider even before my thermie arrived. I spoilt myself with a snow because you just can't go wrong with white on any counter top surface! It's very sturdy - no problems even when kneading dough (but please don't pull it to the edge of the table top!).

Added to my repertoire

I married into a German family & loved their recipes especially at Christmas.
"Tis the Season to Bake" added more favourites to my Christmas recipes.
Thank you so much

Cat sticker

Love the cat sticker, so very cute. Puts a Cheshire grin on my face each time I look at it.

Gifting Goodies

My favorite time of year for festive baking & gift giving. Your little book ‘have your gift and eat it’ had some gorgeous ideas for me. My happy kitchen smelling amazing again making your Christmas pudding fudge, tiramisu truffles & chocolate coconut almonds, mmm devine. Shortbread always a favorite baking your chocolate orange shortbread & cute snowballs. So much deliciousness thankyou Sophia.

Festive Time

I couldn’t wait for your ‘Tis the Season to Bake’ to arrive in the mail & get baking in my happy Kitchen with my happy Thermo!! I opened your book broused through then opened up my pantry & happily I was baking your beautiful Christmas goodies. I started my kitchen smelling amazing with Speculaas spice mix, followed by Speculaas biscuits & Lebkuchen, it was certainly Christmas smells yummy. Whipped up Omi’s Eggnog ready too cool down in the fridge I couldn’t wait as it was deliciously devine. Happily sipping on an Eggnog I was rolling up a batch of Rumkagel. My eyes kept going back into your book & I just couldn’t resist to make your Auntie Nela’s Eggnog cake for Christmas Day dessert. It turned out amazingly beautiful & the flavour yummo!!
My festive kitchen & my family were loving all your Christmas favourites.
I can’t wait to bake again next Christmas; but definitely starting with brewing up a good batch of Omi’s Eggnog first. Thankyou Sophia for your beautiful ‘tis the season to bake’.

Great service

I looked and saw, clicked what I needed, bam.... there was the beautifully packed delivery! Thanks!


I love the spatula, so much so I have brought a second one for myself (now have one for sweet and one for savoury cooking) and also brought one for my neighbour in red :-) thanks for bringing this product to us!!

Love my new book bundle

The books I received were beautifully illustrated and so many helpful tips throughout them. A must have for any thermomix owner.

Wonderful addition to my kitchen

I love the bright pink lids and it looks wonderful on the table when hosting!

Silicone air tight lid

Fits perfectly. Great for my Madeleine recipe with needs to be refrigerated overnight without emptying the bowl. I just pop the lid on and put it in the fridge!

wowing my friends

Made a range of biscuits for little gifts from "Tis the Season to Bake" with great success.

Steam it up

Have not used the book yet but I purchased the book with intentions to try and learn with this book in mind!

‘Tis the season to bake book

I found the book beautifully put together and all the recipes for Christmas baking you would need.

Best thing ever!

I try not to get caught up with all the ‘must have’ bells and whistles but I must say, my Thermi Ergoslide is one purchase I will never regret! I should have bought one of these a long time ago!

Beautiful, functional and quick shipping

The elements of this set are things I will use over and over again. I can’t believe how quick, easy and reasonably priced it was to ship to Mexico also.

Polka dots

I bought this product for its cuteness value. Simple to attach and cute to look at.

Good Quality Bowls

I just love this bowls. They look lovely & they keep things warm & cool. I am just hoping the silicone seals last as that's the only thing that could let them down

Christmas baking

Love the book , great recipes , took me back to my heritage . Baked a heap of lebkuchen . I was born in Germany and migrated to Australia at the age of 10 and still have the yearning for great German food . This book was like my German Christmas . Thank you .

Such a clever idea!

I bought one for me & one for my mum - genius!

One happy customer

So many books = so many recipes!
The books are amazing - thank you