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Supercharged eBook - Recipes for Thermomix eBook Thermishop
Supercharged eBook - Recipes for Thermomix eBook Thermishop
Supercharged eBook - Recipes for Thermomix eBook Thermishop
Supercharged eBook - Recipes for Thermomix eBook Thermishop
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Supercharged eBook - Recipes for Thermomix
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From practical tips such as switching from plain flour, fats and refined sugars to a more healthy alternative, to nearly 30 mouthwatering recipes, this Supercharged Thermomix book is the perfect fit for anyone who is looking for more Thermomix inspiration. It is suitable for all diets including recipe that are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, fat free and more. The practical pocket size means you can take it anywhere with you and read it on your way to work or in the gym.

Supercharged makes a perfect companion for anyone who needs some help creating school lunch boxes or work lunches and does not want to include so many fatty, sugary and glutenous ingredients. It teaches you some great techniques to getting into a healthier baking routine and inspires you to try new ingredients.

The Highlights:

  • nearly 30 recipes
  • easy to follow and simple
  • all diets covered
  • lots of healthy alternatives
  • tips and tricks for a healthy routine

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

How to mix eBook - recipes for Thermomix

Awesome Book

Ever since I mastered the art of making bread in my Thermomix, I seldom buy bread from outside now cos homemade bread is always the best and when its made from my own Thermomix, I can just bake them non-stop.
Thank you Sophia for making me love my Thermomix even more now.


Excellent and really nice.

Worth every cent and even more!

As a newbie in baking and a new tmx user, Sophia has pretty much everything covered in precise detail. Absolutely love the valuable knowledge, tips, and tricks of everything baking and using tmx like a pro. Felt like I just sat through a crash course on baking and using my tmx with Sophia right beside me. Totally felt the connection with her as the way she writes her books has an amazing personal touch to it. I would have definitely bought all the physical books if I was living in the UK. Thanks Sophia! I LOVE all your books, recipes, and video tutorials! Keep up with your amazing work and continue to inspire others!


Hi Sophia, I love your videos and I bought the bundle of your collection...I haven’t yet tried the recipes but I certainly will...I am trying to find the vanilla bean paste and so far I didn’t get it...Could you please tell me where to find it?? Thank you..